Protein based oleogels

Prof. Maya Davidovich-Pinhas | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Food and Agriculture

The Technology

The Food industry is seeking for new ways to eliminate trans fats and minimize the use of saturated fats in processed foods. On the other hand, recent studies have concluded that positive health effect will be gained more effectively if these fats will be replaced with unsaturated fats usually presence in high quantities in oils. Direct replacement of solid fats with liquid oil raises a great challenge to the food industry due to the solid fat role in the food texture. Oleogels have been proposed as a great way to replace fats due to the chemical composition and solid texture. However, there are some limitations to the current oleogel formulations due to their physical properties and chemical composition. In particular, current formulations for such gels are based on small crystalline molecules which exhibit poor mechanical properties and do not provide a clean label. The novel technology is an innovative process to form stable oleogel. The invention provide a way to formulate protein-based oleogel using a direct procedure at intermediate temperature.


  • Simple, robust process to form stable oleogels
  • Produced oleogels have solid texture with improved nutritional value



  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharmaceutical
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