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The Technology

A social network is a social structure made of units such as individuals or organizations, known as nodes which are connected via links representing friendship or the like, known as edges. Databases are used for data management of social network services and users may take advantage of simple query languages such as SQL (Structured Query Language) to process their own data as well as that of their immediate contacts. The need remains, therefore, for effective database evaluation methods for large query sets, and a query language including terminology to express connection-based queries. Another unmet need, is enabling a large number of participants in a social network to determine their status regarding events, and a way to manage the dissemination of messages regarding such events with structured communication.

This suggested technology includes a database apparatus for storing a query-network comprising a set of nodes and a set of edges and a method for managing communication among a plurality of social network members.


  • A highly expressive SQL-like query language for social networks, which allows retrieving paths between network participants and groups of members. Algorithms for evaluating very large queries on social networks, in a situation where each network participant is associated with a query or queries
  • A method for managing communication include protocols implemented by participants in a social network and provide a platform for structured communication between participants, who are not necessarily directly connected in the social network. The protocols enable participants to regret decisions taken during a protocol running, while satisfying constraints

Applications and Opportunities

  • Can be implemented on any social networks for: Users, as a research tool for to development of patterns of social network, network administrators
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