Road traffic forecasting system

Prof. Tomer Toledo | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Automation, Mobility and Aerospace | Information and Computer Science

The Technology

Setting complex traffic light plans is a must as intersections are becoming more complicated and crowded. Current plans must take into account not only vehicles and pedestrians but also bicycles, public transportation of different types etc. The plans should provide benefits to public transportation vehicles for example, while keeping the flow of other users as well. To do so, the overall design of traffic plans should not only consider traffic flow in a specific intersection but also take into account other intersections around it.
Simulating and optimizing traffic light plans is becoming a complex task. A traffic simulation model was developed and embedded within an optimization tool to support fast and efficient evaluation and optimization of the design of traffic light plans.


  • Evaluation and optimization of traffic light plans
  • Allows automatic design and refinement of plans
  • Fast changes

Applications and Opportunities

  • Traffic light design
  • Support for urban traffic management centers
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