Robotic shoe

Prof. Alon Wolf | Mechanical Engineering


Medical Devices

The Technology

A robotic biomechanical shoe, which provides real-time feedback regarding forces acting on the foot of the user, in order to modify these forces in a corrective or diagnostic manner.

The shoe comprises an insole (that can function independently) equipped with embedded pressure sensors enabling it to continuously monitor the ground reaction forces (GRF) and the foot center of pressure (COP) while the user is standing, walking, and running. The insole COP and GRF readings are input to a programmable system that shifts the COP trajectory dynamically, in a patient-specific manner, via the robotic platform of the shoe. The robotic platform contains motors that control elements whose movement manipulates the forces acting on the foot and lower limb, resulting in modification of the GRF. Closed loop feedback enables a dynamic fit of an optimal COP. The COP and GRF information can be stored (for instance on a cloud platform) for analysis and diagnosis of gait and instability events accruing during locomotion.


  • Personalized
  • Real-time: detection, measurement, feedback
  • Continuous measurement

Applications and Opportunities

  • Osteoarthritis management
  • Gait disorder diagnosis and therapy
  • Real-time fall detection and fall prevention
  • Stroke rehabilitation (e.g. through biofeedback)
  • Neuropathic osteopathy (e.g. diabetic foot syndrome)
  • Athletic performance optimization
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