Single input multiplexed decision system

Prof. Daniel Ramez | Biomedical Engineering


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The Technology

Many applications of genetic or metabolic engineering require inducible expression of the desired pathway. Inducible promoters are one of the easiest and most effective ways to control gene expression. However, in a more sophisticated applications there is a need to coordinate expression of multiple genes. The acceptable/ordinary solution is to use different inducible promoters for each gene. The downside of this approach is that it requires multiple inducers which are expensive and hard to obtain/produce. Moreover, the use of different inducers may cause to crosstalk and cell toxicity. Another acceptable solution is to use the same inducible promoter but with different strengths, then only one inducer needs to be added to the culture. However, it can be more difficult to construct this family of promoters than using different inducible promoters. A unique component, termed single input multiplex decision (SIMD) was developed at the research lab. Such component allow us to represent two logic states or more, while using one inducer. Such component might have a high applicative impact on biotechnology and medicine.


  • Low cost
  • Generic design for general purpose application
  • Single inducer
  • no crosstalk and no cell toxicity

Applications and Opportunities

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic applications
  • Biotechnology (food, fuel, agricultural)
  • Environmental (detection of pollutants and toxins)
  • Pharmaceutical: drugs & antibiotics
  • Low-cost biosensors
  • Genetic engineering
  • Research
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