Sub-band separation in optical communication

Prof. Moshe Nazarathy | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Information and Computer Science

The Technology

Increasing throughputs in optical communication networks require more signal processing resources in the transceivers hardware. As a result, new signal processing schemes are required to handle the requirements.

The technology includes digital oversampled filter banks for the first time in optical communication receivers and transmitters. The proposed implementation reduces the complexity of receivers and transmitters and enables more efficient parallelization. In addition, the method is also applicable to point-to-point electrical wireline or wireless communication.


  • More efficient implementation
  • Higher data rates enable

Applications and Opportunities

  • Wireline and wireless electrical transmission
  • High-speed optical communication
  • Performing very large sized and very fast FFTs for general applications, while breaking the FFT over multiple processing platforms (FPGAs, multicores, multiple networked computers)
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