Super-resolution microscopy for 3D imaging

Prof. Yoav Shechtman | Biomedical Engineering


Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Flow cytometry is a high-throughput system enabling the rapid characterization of cellular populations. Compared to traditional imaging methods, this accelerated process makes it possible to collect a sufficient quantity of data needed to analyze even small subpopulation with statistical significance. Yet, flow cytometry generally provides limited information particularly lacking detailed spatial information, e.g., depth information and three-dimensional imaging. There is no existing method for high-throughput three-dimensional microscopy.

The patented technology consists of an apparatus, systems, and methods for facilitating three-dimensional imaging of an object, e.g., a fluorescent particle such as a fluorescently labeled cell, in high-throughput systems, such as Imaging flow Cytometry.


  • Combines ultra-high throughput and measurement of 3D structures (i.e. quantity & quality)
  • May be integrated into an existing imaging flow-cytometer

Applications and Opportunities

  • Imaging of microscopic biological specimen
  • Drug discovery
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