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Prof. Boaz Mizrahi | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


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The Technology

Fungal infections are a significant and growing public health problem. Currently, there are two main pharmacological anti-fungal treatments approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): (1) Amphotericin B. This drug is considered the “gold standard” of antifungal therapy. (2) Azoles, this group of antifungal agents has added greatly to the therapeutic options for treatment of fungal infections. Current treatment has several drawbacks, e.g. intravenous administration, side effects such as fever, associated with significant and kidney toxicity etc. The new technology is a new class of delivery systems based on food grade bacteria in thermoresponsive polymeric formulation that naturally releases anti-fungal agents


  • Active formulation that keeps producing and releasing anti fungal agents after administration
  • Composed of bacteria’s proteins (rather than a chemical molecules). Thus, no adverse effects, tolerance or resistance is likely

Applications and Opportunities

  • Biologic drugs administration with minimal user-interface
  • This formulation can be administrated as is (alone) or with the addition of other antifungal drug such as ketoconazole
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