Ultrafast microscopy and spectroscopy



Medical Devices | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Ptychography is a label free, high-contrast imaging technique for live cells using quantitative phase information. It is slow, requires precise preparation and complex systems and has limited resolution. These disadvantages can be overcome using ultrafast (single-shot) Ptychography which employs a novel optical setup that uses arrays of holes or micro lens instead of mechanical scanning and provides ultra-high frame rate from a single camera snapshot. The frame rate is completely determined by the light source, i.e. it is uncoupled from the imaging system and its performances. The multiple temporal frames of the sample are reconstructed algorithmically from a single camera snapshot.


  • Ultrafast
  • Robust
  • Sub-wavelength microscopy
  • Simple
  • Improved signal to noise ration (SNR) or field of view (FoV)

Applications and Opportunities

  • Ultrahigh speed microscopes and cameras
  • Can be used with EUV & x-ray and electron microscopy
  • Bio-imaging
  • Micro-electronics manufacturing
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