Universal system for scalable expression and purification of proteins



Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

The Technology

There is a critical need for common technology for the robust production protein-based therapeutic drugs for vaccines and diagnostics, as well as for supporting alternative protein industry, including cultured meat and cultured milk. Despite the introduction of Insulin some four decades ago, there are currently less than 300 approved such protein therapeutics. This is mainly due to the bottle neck in their biomimicry, production and their extremely high pricing that prevent their implementation and availability as major drugs. Therefore, these key obstacles in protein based therapeutic drugs production and manufacturing must be overcome. Biopharmaceutical industries are currently utilizing mainly eukaryotic, production systems mostly of mammalian origin, which are highly costive and relatively complex to manipulate at all levels. In addition, the increasing competitiveness among leading pharmaceutical companies over their prices, create the need to improve the production capabilities. The invention is an end to end solution, including defined, non-animal origin media for suspension culturing of mammalian cells as well as unique plasmids and transfection methods enable the accurate expression folding and post translational modification of any soluble human proteins in large quantity with maximum flexibility to allow rapid transition from gene to its product under full physiological conditions.


  • Highly robust and support media for high cell density growth towards the purification of most proteins
  • Easy-to-prepare, serum-free media
  • Complete system to create rapid cell lines with (any) tagging or tagging-free purification system
  • A flexible system that will allow rapid mutagenesis and expression/manipulation of protein of interest


  • Cost-effective production of proteins
  • Scale-up cell culturing
  • Vaccines and diagnostics
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