Vertical transistors for display applications

Prof. Nir Tessler | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

In the field of organic electronics there is a need for high mobility materials. The best mobility is achieved in organic crystals however, these are typically too small even on the scale of a single device let alone for producing circuits. Existing solutions try to grow this crystals at specific locations to be aligned with the device contacts or they aim to deposit them at such locations.

An electronic device is presented, such as a thin film transistor. The device comprises a patterned electrically-conductive layer associated with an active element of the electronic device. The electrically-conductive layer has a pattern defining an array of spaced-apart electrically conductive regions. This technique allows for increasing an electric current through the device.

The technology comprise of several designs and architecture of patterning.


  • Applying the conducting pattern is straight forward and does not require any alignment
  • It is also compatible with printing and roll to roll manufacturing

Applications and Opportunities

  • Organic electronics: Display drivers, RFID, smart labels, etc.
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