Research Area / Fields

  1. Development and fabrication of polymer nano-structures.
  2. Electrospinning.
  3. Scaffolds.
  4. Drug release.

Short Bio

Eyal Zussman is the Winograd Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He holds a DSc degree from the Technion in mechanical engineering. He held a postdoctoral appointment at Technical University in Berlin, Germany. Since joining the faculty at the Technion, he has served as Director of the NanoEngineering Group. Prof. Zussman’s research is in the area of molecular engineering of soft matter, in particular the development of process-structure-property relationships, through the use of simulation and experiment, and the development of functional electrospun fibers.
Prof. Zussman’s research group-specific focus is on: (a) development of nano-fabrication methods and tailoring nano-materials into functional structures, and (b) the study of novel size-dependent physics that result from constraint (confinement) of macromolecules within nanoscale fibers.

Some of the Zussman’s group important contributions are:

  • Physical modeling and experimental study of the electrospinning process, including cone-like surfaces from which jets emerge, jet profiles, and stability of jet paths.
  • In-depth understanding of the fundamental physical facets of electrospinning of core-sheath systems and hollow micro-scale fibers.
  • Understanding the central role of the polymer nanofiber microstructure, i.e., supramolecular structures, which ultimately governs the unique mechanical and thermo-mechanical behavior of the nano-object products.
  • Helping to establish electrospinning of polymer nanofibers as a broad technology platform for applications in the design of composite materials, energy, drug delivery technologies, filtration membranes, and in regenerative medicine.