Plant proteins as edible matrixes

Prof. Eyal Zussman | Mechanical Engineering


Food and Agriculture | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Cultivated meat is considered one of the leading solutions to the global food crisis, offering conventional meat-like nutritional values
and eating experiences without harming animals and with a much lower environmental footprint compared to conventional meat production.
The development of means to meet this pioneering field’s technological challenges is, therefore, crucial.
To address these challenges a novel technological foundation for cultivated meat that is based on plant protein isolate (PPI) engineered
into edible scaffolds for cell support was developed. Nonetheless, to produce a commercially-viable cell-supportive scaffold from PPI,
which will also contribute to the sensorial properties of the final product, scalable and low-cost processing technologies should be developed,
so that fibers with controlled texture and mechanical properties can be formed.


  • A low-cost food-grade alternative
  • High expected consumer acceptance
  • Contribute to the sensorial properties of the final product

Applications and Opportunities

  • These novel processing methods for protein solutions based on various extrusion methods for cultivated meat


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