Beam shaping lens



Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Optical elements for the shaping of light beams are important in many fields, such as, medical surgical tools, lithography, military and communication. Each application requires a specific beam shape regardless of the original beam. Usually, the known designs are based on symmetric optical elements and do not allow shaping any known beam. A design method for refractive lenses that convert a first collimated beam with a first, undesired, distribution of intensity into a second collimated beam with a desired intensity distribution. Both intensities are arbitrary and are not constrained by any symmetry requirement.
The invention includes an algorithm for designing the lens. The algorithm produces the lens aspheric surfaces required to achieve power and resolution specification at each point. The lens can be situated at the laser head, a part of any laser system.


  • Using a single lens provides high efficiency and durability
  • Enabling easy integration without the need for calibration

Applications and Opportunities

  • Semiconductors production – lithography, optical meteorology
  • Laser cutting tools
  • Medical surgery tools
  • Military direct energy weapons
  • Communication
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