Development copolymers of alpha olefins and acrylic esters containing bromine



Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

The copolymerization of low density polyethylene (LDPE) with acrylates is known and the resulting polymers are used in a vast number of industrial applications such as flexible and liquid packaging laminates, automotive seals, gaskets, hoses, etc. Flame-retarded polyolefins are widely used nowadays. The flame-retardant agent is added to the already synthesized polymer and is not chemically bound as part of the polymeric back-bone. The addition of a flame-retardant compound either as an additive or filler to a polymer has the disadvantages of leakage, and the inability to tailor it specifically to the polymer properties. Therefore, there are clear and specific advantages towards polymers in which the flame-retardant agent is an integral part of the polymeric skeleton.

Particularly, Brominated acrylic homopolymer is used today as a fire retardant additive in the plastics industry. The technology offers polymeric products of novel polyolefins containing a brominated acrylic comonomer.


  • Improved compatibility between the flame-retardant and the polyolefin matrix
  • Environmentally more friendly since additives do not leach during usage and waste disposal

Applications and Opportunities

  • Flame-retardant agent as an integral part of the polymeric skeleton
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