Encapsulation of hydrophobic moleciles with PP/SBP for clear beverages enrichment

Prof. Yoav Livney | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Food and Agriculture

The Technology

The enrichment of foods with hydrophobic biologically active molecules, including hydrophobic nutraceutical compositions and fat-soluble vitamins is a promising strategy for promoting health of global populations. However, the desire for reduction of dietary fat content creates a difficulty in providing the required amounts of essential hydrophobic biologically active molecules, including fat-soluble vitamins and hydrophobic nutraceutical compositions. The need for enrichment of food products with hydrophobic biologically active milecules necessitates the development of novel technologies for solubilizing, stabilizing and protecting such hydrophobic biologically active molecules using natural food components. The new inventions enables the formation of nanoencapsulation of hydrophobic insoluble compounds in PP/SBP based nanocapsules, to form a clear solution and to protect the encapsulated compound, the way to form such nanocapsules and potential uses in clear drink fortification.


  • Potato protein isolate powders are commercially available
  • The encapsulation process is simple and inexpensive, not requiring heat or use of surfactants, and the product will be a readily water-soluble powder
  • Could be non allergenic and suitable for PARVE- Kosher products, it is colorless and may be applicable even for completely clear drinks

Applications and Opportunities

  • Enrichment of clear beverages with nutraceuticals, thus potential final products range from enriched mineral water, through various soft drinks, fruit juices, fruit flavored beverages, energy drinks, sport drinks, and the like
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