Facile catalysis by iron complex



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The Technology

A fast, cheap, and eco-friendly method for catalysis of several types of reactions: Hydrogen Isotope Exchange, Alkene Isomerization, Z-Selective Alkyne functionalization, Cross-Coupling, Hydrogenation and C-H activation.

In particular, the Hydrogen isotope exchange technology is based on an iron complex, that is able to catalyze a wide variety of molecules and tolerates several functional groups (incl. esters, ethers, amides, halides, etc.) without using high-pressure, high temperature synthetic protocols. The catalysis occurs under mild conditions, without the need for explosive gasses (H2, D2), although our catalyst could be used with those gasses to facilitate tritiation if necessary.

Earth-abundant metals such as iron are readily available, cheap, and relatively nontoxic. At present, iron is considered a metal with minimum safety concern; and 1.300 ppm residual iron is acceptable in pharmaceuticals. As a result, replacing existing technologies based on toxic and expensive “noble metals” with those based on earth-abundant metals is paramount for developing sustainable technologies.


  • Cheap – using earth abundant metals
  • Fast
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic

Applications and Opportunities

  • Molecule labeling for pharmaceuticals
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