Flow bioreactor device for monitoring cellular dynamics

Prof. Shulamit Levenberg | Biomedical Engineering


Medical Devices

The Technology

Engineered 3D constructs have gained increased attention as in vitro tools for the study of cell–cell and cell–matrix interactions and are being explored for potential use as experimental models or therapeutic replacements of human tissues. Perfusion culture enhances oxygen and nutrient availability for 3D scaffolds. Additionally, the effect of flow-induced shear stress in-vitro have been shown to regulate cell migration, apoptosis, proliferation, alignment, and differentiation. Although on-line imaging and monitoring of cell morphology in 3D engineered constructs under flow conditions is essential for getting better understanding on cell processes influenced by flow, only few tools enable this. The invention allows a novel on-line imaging point of view on cellular processes corresponding to different flow conditions in different 3D constructs.


  • On-line imaging of 3D engineered tissues under flow conditions
  • Multi separated flow channels
  • Unique imaging point of view
  • Low weight and small size
  • Low working volume
  • Simple and robust

Applications and Opportunities

  • Device for testing the effect of shear stress on cellular processes in 3D
  • Device for testing the effect of perfusion rate on cellular processes in 3D
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