Highly functionalized fluoropolymers having high molecular weight



Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

Due to their remarkable chemical and physical properties, fluoropolymers have been extensively used in chemical, electronic, construction, mechanical, architectural, automotive industries and many others. These unique properties include chemical resistance, weather and thermal stability, inertness to solvents, low dielectric constant, and low moisture absorption. All these outstanding properties, are attributed to the presence of the fluorine atom, as well to the strong C–F bonds. Despite all advantages mentioned above, fluoropolymers exhibit some disadvantages such as high crystallinity, which causes low solubility in common organic solvents, hydrophobicity and low wettability.
Current methods to functionalize Fluoro-polymers result in either low molecular weight or low content of functional groups.
Using the new procedure to functionalize Fluoro-polymers – by conventional radical polymerization or by emulsion polymerization, using a non-fluorinated surfactant in an aqueous medium for the latter – allows functionalizing up to 36% of the polymer chain while keeping high molecular weight. The polymers functional groups can be designed to get the required properties such as – solubility in different solvents and even water, mechanical properties, adhesion, thermal properties etc.


  • One pot reaction without hazardous surfactants
  • Design Fluoro-polymers to required properties

Applications and Opportunities

  • Durable coatings with highly controlled properties for avionics, marine, industrial equipment, home use tools and more
  • Adhesives
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