Local reuse of grey water and follow-up on systems for grey water recycling

Prof. Eran Friedler | Civil and Environmental Engineering


Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Greywater (GW), domestic wastewater excluding the streams generated by toilets and kitchens, can serve as an alternative water source. The main options for GW reuse are toilet flushing and garden irrigation. Greywater reuse can significantly reduce domestic water consumption. While the benefits are promising, risks are still under debate. Raw greywater, and often, biologically treated greywater, exceed the maximum level of acceptable risk and requires treatment to remove contaminants such as bacteria and biological pollutants and micropollutants that mainly originate from personal care products. Waste water treatment systems and procedures were developed and investigated for disinfection efficiency, proper treatment for different bacteria, inhalable pollutants due to aerosols originating from GW irrigation etc.


  • High grey water quality and safety

Applications and Opportunities

  • Grey water systems
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