Motion conversion mechanisms

Prof. David Elata | Mechanical Engineering


Chemistry and Materials

The Technology

In micro devices, built from a single layer (i.e. wafer fabrication) an in-plane force is easy to implement but an out-of-plane motion is hard to achieve and requires custom fabrication each unit using FIB and complex assemblies or actuators which are very sensitive and prone to failure.

Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) for motion conversion from horizontal motion to vertical or angular displacement can be fabricated using a flexure which is built from two slender parallel beams with two different cross-section heights. The two beams must be coupled with interconnecting treads for the motion conversion to take place.

The new method allows mass fabrication using standard techniques.


  • Easy mass production
  • Robust

Applications and Opportunities

  • MEMS application (mirrors, fabry-perot filters, confocal microscope etc.)
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