Nano gate – stimulus induced nanofluidic device

Prof. Oz M. Gazit | Chemical Engineering
Prof. Ofer Manor | Chemical Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Food and Agriculture | Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

Flow control that is activated by environmental and other pre-designed parameters can be useful in many systems such as agriculture and water treatment.
Natural tendency of two-dimensional (2D) clay nano-particles to self-assemble and restrict water permeability in soils can be used to fabricate a synthetic, pH activated, reversible, and tunable colloidal flow-gate. pH affects coagulation process of clay-like layered double hydroxide (LDH) nanoparticles on the LDH. The system can be designed to react to other parameters such as salinity.


  • Cheap materials
  • On – off action initiated by pre-designed nano-particles

Applications and Opportunities

  • System can be designed to irrigate and release of soil fertilization per specific need of the soil next to the system
  • Grey water irrigation
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