Faculty:Chemical Engineering

Research Area / Fields

  1. Passive and active oil/water phase separation.
  2. Smart coatings of solids and liquids.
  3. Ion structures in the nanometer-thick electrical double layer in the presence of acoustic waves.

Short Bio

Dr. Ofer Manor is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa. He is a Marie Curie Fellow and a recipient of the Henri Gutwirth Research Award. Dr. Manor’s interests are in transport phenomena, particularly in the field of colloids and interfaces. Currently Manor’s group works on passive and active oil/water phase separations, dynamic wetting of solid and liquids, smart coatings by nanoparticles and polymers, and on electrokinetic effects in the nanometer-thick electrical double layer of ions in the presence of acoustic waves.

Dr. Manor received his BSc diploma from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Technion, in 2003. He then worked for Rafael ltd. as a polymer engineer (2003-2007) and obtained his MSc diploma in the field of Fluid Mechanics under the guidance of Prof. Avi Nir and Dr. Ludmila Lavrenteva in 2006. Dr. Manor received his PhD diploma in the field of Colloid Physics under the supervision of Prof. Derek Chan and Prof. Steven Carnie from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at The University of Melbourne in 2010. Dr. Manor joined the Technion in 2013, following two postdoctoral fellowships in the field of acoustic flows and microfluidics, which where supervised by Prof. James Friend and Prof. Leslie Yeo, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering in Monash University and at the Department of Electrical Engineering in RMIT University.

Available Technologies for commercialization

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