Bioelectrodes for analytes detection and biofuel cell devices construction

Dr. Omer Yehezkeli | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Medical Devices | Sustainability and Energy

The Technology

A great effort has been made to establish efficient electron transfer between electrodes and enzymes. The protein shell of the enzyme prevents electrical communication with electrodes, therefore, redox mediators are required for activation.

The Technology present new methodology to establish efficient electron transfer process between enzymes and electrodes. The constructed integrated bioelectrodes can be utilized for variety of amperometric biosensing devices or for biofuel cell applications.

The unique combination of redox mediators, protecting polymeric layer and enzymes on electrodes allow high bioelectrocatalytic currents for sensing and biofuel cell devices.


  • Simple, low-cost, non-toxic methodology
  • Versatile and modular system
  • Can be utilized on variety of electrode surfaces
  • Stable and insensitive to oxygen

Applications and Opportunities

  • Variety of amperometric biosensing devices or or for biofuel cell applications
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