Transparent and lightweight ballistic protection

Prof. Daniel (Dany) Rittel | Mechanical Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Security & Defense

The Technology

Transparent armor is essentially based on the performance of the component materials, and their stacking. Beyond that point, it is commonly believed that little can be added to the system to improve its performance.

High confinement pressure over the glass target was achieved by insertion of a non-conical shape glass into a conical steel ring using an aluminum alloy sleeve. This allows more uniform pressure and significantly less chipping. From the geometrical misfit the glass specimen force to compress in the radial direction resulted in radial stress.

The confining stress increases the ballistic stability of various glasses, both laminated and monolithic.


  • Superior ballistic resistance
  • Uniform pressure
  • Less chipping

Applications and Opportunities

  • Ballistic protected windows
  • Transparent shielding
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