Non-Contact levitation

Prof. Izhak Bucher | Mechanical Engineering


Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

A method and a device to carry silicon wafers on a controlled layer of high-pressure gas without the need to physically contact the wafer with any hard objects. The method reduces contamination through microscopic particles which are a major concern in the production and inspection process of electronic components. Using high amplitude traveling and standing waves whose direction and composition can be controlled precisely by means of external forces the gas layer can also translate and rotate the wafer exploiting highly efficient electromechanical device that produces standing and traveling waves in a surface below the wafer and which manipulates the pressure in the gas layer.


  • Control of device motion in several directions
  • No need for air-pumping or pumps – using clean gas (or air) that doesn’t contain particles or oil residue
  • Suitable for clean-room environment

Applications and Opportunities

  • Chip manufacturer for production and inspection processes
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