Research Area / Fields

  1. Vibration, dynamics of rotating machinery.
  2. Experimental identification and modeling of vibrating and rotating machines.
  3. Non-contacting measurements, signal processing.
  4. Shape optimization of structures.
  5. Mechatronics, dynamics of coupled field systems (electro-magnetic, electro-static).
  6. Squeeze-film and magnetic levitation.

Short Bio

Dr. Izhak Bucher is a Mechanical Engineering professor at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is the head of the Dynamics and Mechatronics laboratory since 1996. He was a research associate 1993-96 in the Dynamics Section, Imperial College London UK and completed all his degrees at the Technion, MSc and DSc under Prof. Simon Braun. His research interests are vibration, Dynamics of rotating structures, acoustic and magnetic levitation, system identification and traveling wave control and applications.

Available Technologies for commercialization

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Shikma Litmanovitz
Director of Business Development, Physical Science