Parametric amplification

Prof. Izhak Bucher | Mechanical Engineering


Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Precise “mass balancing procedures” of fast rotating machines while being rotated at slow speeds of rotation. By adding a tunable, controlled external excitation that forces the rotating structure to ‘expose’ the projection of mass imperfection on the deflected structure at high frequencies, which is identical to rotating the structure at high speeds without the need to actually reach these dangerous high speeds the method allows balancing rotating objects that their critical speeds is higher than the current capability of balancing equipment or even in-situ.


  • Increased safety
  • Allow balancing of flexible rotating elements at low speed of rotation
  • Allow balancing in-situ (requires appended device for actuation and sensing) in a safer manner
  • Superior sensitivity to imbalance (controlled) and thus higher quality quiet machines

Applications and Opportunities

  • Balancing machines for rotating object. Especially for rotating objects at very large speed
  • In-situ balancing – balancing rotating objects while in the rotation equipment such as gas turbines and electric generators, jet-engines, dentist drills and helicopter rear shafts
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