Plasmonic lens

Prof. Meir Orenstein | Electrical and Computer Engineering


Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Surface Plasmons Polaritons (SPPs) are surface waves that arise at metal-dielectric interfaces when an electromagnetic field oscillates in unison with the free electrons at the surface of the metallic interface constituent.

Controlling light on scales much smaller than the light wavelength can be achieved by excitation of SPPs, owing to their unique optical properties. SPPs is used in subwavelength optics (e.g. waveguides and sources), near-field optics, Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, data storage, solar cells, chemical sensors and biosensors.

Weak and temporally incoherent focal spot, intensity, and contrast can all be improved using an innovative lens structure.


  • Efficiency
  • Intensity
  • Seamless integration with actual detectors

Applications and Opportunities

  • Optical sensors
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