Prebiotic delivery system targeted to probiotic bacteria

Prof. Yoav Livney | Biotechnology and Food Engineering


Food and Agriculture

The Technology

Maintaining a good proportion of gut probiotic bacteria is imperative to health. This may be achieved by consuming “prebiotics,” e.g., galacto‐oligosaccharides (GOS) that selectively promote probiotic bacteria, Proteins are an important source for amino acids essential to probiotic bacteria. however, no existing prebiotic product contains protein. The new inventions is a new type of prebiotics: protein‐oligosaccharide conjugates. These conjugates were designed to be selectively targeted to probiotic bacteria in the colon, for enhancing their competitive advantage over undesired microorganisms. By Using this technology the growth rate of a model probiotic bacterium (Lactobacillus casei) on the conjugates was double that on the unconjugated components.


  • A selective targeting element to be bound by probiotic bacteria
  • Selective fermentable carbohydrate source for the probiotic bacteria
  • Protective shield for delivering growth-supporting peptides to the probiotic bacteria in the colon

Applications and Opportunities

  • Dietary supplements in powder/capsule form for enhancing probiotics’ competitive advantage over undesired microorganisms in the colon
  • Added to probiotic dietary supplements or probiotic-containing functional foods
  • Oral drug delivery vehicles to the colon in pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical field along with bacteriotherapy treatments
  • Probiotics bacteria encapsulation
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