Sub-10 nm monolithic ferroelectric-semiconductor junction

Dr. Elad Koren | Materials Science and Engineering


Chemistry and Materials | Physics and Electro-Optics

The Technology

Selective illumination using a scanning laser probe, is used to convert In2Se3 to In2O3, and achieved spatially resolved distinct optical and electrical properties. The method is used to design of coplanar P/N ferroelectric – semiconducting heterojunction. In addition, In2Se3 can be converted to In2O3 in contact areas to transform the metal-semiconductor junctions from Schottky to ohmic type and enhances the charge carrier mobility of the irradiated films by two orders of magnitude.

Coplanarity makes the device is a very sensitive photodetector, whilst coupling ferroelectric and semiconductor in the same junction allows “on/off” switching for non-volatile memory.


  • Efficient electrooptic device
  • Minimized device size
  • Very accurate positioning of the different layers

Applications and Opportunities

  • Optical memories
  • Sensitive optical sensors
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